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Car BIW Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Forum and Mino Equipment the Fifth Anniversary Party

Author: browse:8734 date: 2013-11-26

November 23, 2013, The Second Session of Car BIW Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Forum and Mino Equipment the Fifth Anniversary Party themed “Passion Makes Yesterday Legendary; Cooperation Makes Tomorrow Extraordinary” are hosted by Guangzhou Mino Automotive Equipment Co., Ltd. in Crowne Plaza Guangzhou Science City.

General Manager of Mino Equipment, Yao Weibing said in the Forum: “In the first session of our BIW Forum, I promised to everyone that the Forum would be a sustainable forum, aiming at providing a public beneficial communication platform for all the counterparts, customers and friends. This is the social responsibility of Mino Equipment. This platform not only promotes the brand, innovative products and R&D achievements of Mino Equipment, displays the leading trend of car BIW manufacturing, but also provides a great opportunity to discuss the development of the industry with partners including car makers, suppliers of controllers, laser welding, etc. ” In addition, Mr. Yao announced that Guangzhou Mino Automotive Equipment Co., Ltd. and the largest gun and resistant spot welding machine maker from North America, Centerline Canada, jointly established Centerline China. Currently, Mino holds 55% of the joint venture. The new plant and preparations are in planning. In the future, Mino and Centerline Canada will be complementary to each other in products and production lines, which will accelerate the development of the automotive equipment industry in China. 



Under the guidance of Guangzhou Municipal Economic and Trade Commission, Guangzhou Alliance of Industrial Technologies Innovation of Industrial Robot Manufacturing and Applications is a voluntary cooperation organization joined by institutions of R&D, manufacturing, integration, application, technical services of industrial robots and related parts in Guangzhou. It was initiated and established jointly by ten units, namely, GSK CNC EQUIPMENT CO., LTD., Guangzhou Machinery Research Institute Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Wanbao Group Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Minjia Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd., Shenyang Institute of Automation Guangzhou Branch Office of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Electronics Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Industrial Technology Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou Mino Automotive Equipment Co.,Ltd. and Guangzhou Songxing Electrical Co.,Ltd. Mino Equipment is the Vice Chairman.

The Alliance aims at promoting the technology innovation, optimization and upgrading of the structure of Guangzhou industrial robot manufacturing and application industry, thus improving the overall competitiveness of the industry in domestic and overseas market. By the research of industrial robot manufacturing key technologies and R&D of equipment, and the promotion of industrial robot manufacturing innovative achievements, the Alliance is promoting the transformation and upgrading of Guangzhou manufacturing industry.

Min Equipment invited Michael J. Beneteau, CEO of Centerline Canada, Steven Kerveillant, Supervisor of Welding Section of CAPSA, Wang Wenyuan, Technical Expert of Automotive Industrial Application Center of SIEMENS, Florian Weiss, Manager of KUKA Robotics, Dr. Andrey Andreev from TRUMPH, Zhao Xiaodong, Section Chief of FANUC, Liu Renzhong, Manager of SMC, Sun Yinglong, Manager of Songxing and other technical experts to give presentations of welding gun technologies, automotive welding technologies, system automation solutions, robot applications, welding controller new technologies, etc. The presentations are rich and profound in contents. The forum focused on BIW advanced manufacturing technologies, especially flexible production solutions, flexible framing technologies, laser applications, robot systems, welding technologies, system automation and other leading technologies and applications. The participants shared successful application experience, discussed the future of BIW manufacturing technologies. The forum further enhanced the exchange of experience of advanced technologies and applications. Compared with the first session, there are three highlights: “New Material”, “New Welding Technologies”, and one third of the speakers are foreign experts.




In the forum, the Executive Director of Preliminary Project Management of Mino Equipment, He Wei gave a detailed introduction of the developing trend of car body material, technical innovation of car body manufacture, Mino advanced flexible BIW manufacturing solutions, including flexible framing solutions, transportation solutions and comprehensive laser applications. He Wei thinks that as the continuous increasing demand of safety and environmental compatibility of the consumers of cars, and the factors of manufacturability and manufacturing cost, the car material has experienced a revolutionary change. The increasing applications of high strength and super lightweight material will certainly bring the revolution of body technologies, including forming, joining and surface treatment, etc. The BIW advanced flexible manufacturing solutions of Mino Equipment gained much concern and praise from the audience.


CEO of Centerline, Michael J. Beneteau mentioned in the forum that Centerline welding guns adopts light weight design which can reduce the robot load. The full range of guns and high precision not only satisfy the welding with high pressure and high electricity, but also with a fine appearance, convenient operation and safety. The guns can be tailored to customer requirements. This technology is still blank in Asia and will bring revolutionary changes to welding gun standards in Asia.

The wonderful speeches gained applause from the audiences which learned a lot from the speakers. The Q&A during the forum answered the technical questions and doubts of the audiences.

With the theme of “Passion Makes Yesterday Legendary; Cooperation Makes Tomorrow Extraordinary”, Mino Fifth Anniversary Party started at 18:30. A vivid, fashionable and dynamic laser popping kicked off the Fifth Anniversary Party.


A video of Mino’s donation to Lishan Primary School of Guizhou Province displayed the mission of Mino People. They are always caring about the society and supporting the public welfare. This activities told the Mino People to be responsible for the society. The ink dance made the people understand the culture and spirit of “Mino”, to be open and virtuous. The sketch comedy brought everyone back to the hard process of the pioneering work and the happiness of harvest. The five years, more than 1800 days and nights laid a solid foundation of Mino today. The Wushu performance made everyone feel the vividness, passion and power of Mino. Finally, Lin Ao’s song “Fly Higher” brought an end to the party. “Fly Higher” expressed the wishes to Mino Equipment. We hope that Mino can fly higher and further!



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