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Mino Equipment Shanghai Branch Opening Ceremony

Author: browse:10371 date: 2014-03-29

28 March 2014, Mino Equipment Shanghai Branch Opening Ceremony took place in Shanghai. Representatives from SGM, SAIC, SVW, PSA, GEELY, CHERY, JLR, ABB, BANNAR, FANUC, FESTO, OMORON, SNT, TUNKERS, etc. were invited to the ceremony.

General Manager of Mino Equipment, Yao Weibing gave an opening speech in the ceremony. He said, “The year 2014 is the Informatization & Internationalization Year for Mino. We will continue optimizing our management system and informatization system in order to meet the demands of the customers, the rapid development of the company and the fierce competition in the market.”

With the development of overseas business and the introduction of industrial elites, the technical team and management team of Mino is becoming more and more internationalized. Recently, Mino successfully deliver products to Japan, Mexico and Canada. At the end of March, Mino signed cooperation agreement with its Indian partner. In addition, Mino Germany and Mino USA will be set up this year.



General Manager of Mino Equipment Shanghai Branch, Ni Mingzhi said, “I hope Mino Equipment Shanghai Branch will provide better and faster technical solutions for car makers and parts suppliers in Shanghai and surrounding areas.”




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